Why a Counseling Ministry?

by Kayla Hemphill, LPC Intern
August 14, 2017

The Live For More Counseling Center Official Launch

Today is a big day for Wells Branch Community Church with the official launch of the Live For More Counseling center! We have been hard at work for the past few months to prepare for this important ministry of our church, and we know that many of you have one particular question that we'd like to address today:

Why does WBCC need a counseling ministry?

I believe that I can best answer this question in two parts. First, what is our church already doing to serve peoples' needs through counseling, and second, how can we do even better?

What Is Wells Branch Community Church Already Doing Through Counseling?

Since its launch in 2009, Wells Branch Community Church has been committed to loving, serving, and engaging with the people of Wells Branch and our neighboring areas. Reaching out to neighborhoods and schools in the area, WBCC has continued to provide backpacks for elementary school kids, serve at community events like Movies in the Park, and even maintain a float at the annual 4th Fest.

This community impact makes Wells Branch Community Church so much of what it is today, but these large-scale events can only go so far in building close relationships with individuals and families. The church's desire is not only to spread the good news of Jesus to those it serves, but also to build lasting and impactful relationships with them, and to provide a church family that will care for them throughout life's ups and downs.

When WBCC started their Benevolence ministry, the first seeds of this new counseling ministry were planted. This church saw that there were hurting people in our own backyard, struggling to get through the day-to-day under the weight of their financial burdens. When those people came to WBCC, the leadership found a way to help them get back on their feet instead of blindly handing over a check. By meeting with individuals to counsel them through their finances, these people could start building a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Wells Branch Community Church also has a dedicated staff of pastors who always make an effort to meet with those who have spiritual questions, concerns, and dire hardships in their lives. I've watched them sacrifice their personal time to help whoever comes through the doors of the Live For More Center. Through spiritual doubts, troubled relationships, problems with money, loss, and so much more, our pastors want to tend to the spiritual and emotional health of our community as best as they can. However, as the church continues to grow, so does the number of people seeking help, and unfortunately our pastors cannot magically gain more available hours in their days.

How Can We Do More?

When we started looking at developing a dedicated ministry for counseling services, we never questioned how desperately our community needs it. We could all look around and see the brokenness of those around us, looking for answers to their many questions. It became clear that we needed someone who could dedicate their time exclusively to serving these individuals. We needed someone who was passionate about counseling, and was willing to give their life to growing this ministry.

Before long, it was clear that God had been guiding me to exactly that position.

For some time, I have been eager to serve my community with the skills and education I had accumulated throughout my life. I saw the need for counseling in my church, and I jumped at the opportunity to develop something that could really help people. I am incredibly grateful to get the chance to lead a ministry with the sole purpose of investing in peoples' lives, and helping them find a place of hope and healing.

Wherever you find yourself, and whatever it is that you're struggling with, know that WBCC has a place for you.

The door is open - come on in!

Kayla Hemphill
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern